Imaging groups to merge

The Digital Imaging Group (DIG) and the Photographic and Imaging Manufacturers Association (PIMA) have agreed to merge on July 1, 2001.

The Digital Imaging Group (DIG) and the Photographic and Imaging Manufacturers Association (PIMA) have agreed to merge on July 1, 2001. The resulting organization is expected to be the largest worldwide imaging industry group. The PIMA-DIG merger seeks to develop open industry standards essential for the evolution of digital and photographic imaging and for the integration of existing and new technology systems.

The common goal of the joint organization is to drive the creation of more images, while promoting broad adoption of standardized solutions for the benefit of all users. Greater industry unity and coordination of standards efforts created by the merger should result in broader standards adoption, enabling users to choose best-of-class products that work seamlessly and to combine them in ways that solve their business problems more efficiently. Through the joint effort, greater impact on market growth and synergistic opportunities for digital- and photoimaging vendors to work together to provide customer-focused solutions will be possible.

DIG brings in-depth expertise of the digital side of imaging, a global membership roster, effective marketing programs and a market-driven approach to accelerating adoption and development of innovative digital imaging specifications and technologies. PIMA brings an industry voice that effectively represents advantageous positions on health, safety, environmental, trade, regulatory issues, industry statistics, and an infrastructure to effectively establish and share information about ANSI- and ISO-recognized standards for member industries.

Together, PIMA and DIG will represent a comprehensive single source of information, opinion, and standardization on key issues affecting the imaging industry and its users. As a non-biased source of information for developers and users of imaging products and services, the joint organization will promote and encourage a wider understanding and appreciation of imaging and the photographic arts and a greater use of photographic and imaging products.

DIG ( is an open-industry consortium created to expand the use of digital images across consumer, business, and professional imaging markets and applications. Membership gives companies the opportunity to help define the evolving technical platforms in digital imaging, and to create solutions built on those foundations. Membership also gives participating companies the opportunity to collaborate in future marketing and promotional activities.

PIMA ( has previously served the interests of photographic-products manufacturers. In the past decade, digital technologies have added new dimensions to photographic imaging. At the same time, worldwide marketing and manufacturing have become the norm. In response, the association has broadened its role to include digital imaging technologies, as well as traditional chemical-based photography.

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