Opto Engineering announces its partnership with MaxxVision

JANUARY 25, 2008--Opto Engineering (Mantova, Italy) has announced that MaxxVision (Stuttgart, Germany) will be its exclusive distributor for Germany.

JANUARY 25, 2008--Opto Engineering (Mantova, Italy;
www.opto-engineering.com), a manufacturer of telecentric lenses and optical components for machine vision, has announced that MaxxVision (Stuttgart, Germany; www.maxxvision.com) will be its exclusive distributor for Germany. The agreement will improve Opto Engineering's approach to the German market and ensure German customers the most efficient supply channel.

MaxxVision will be able to enlarge its presence in the field of optics for machine vision, thanks to the technical expertise and customization capabilities of Opto Engineering in industrial, medical, and military optics.

Achieving a relevant position as a supplier of telecentric lenses for German measurement-machine builders and targeting custom-made optics for large series production are among the main goals of this collaboration, based on a common view of the machine-vision market structure.

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