Applied Manufacturing Technologies opens office in India

JULY 30, 2008--Applied Manufacturing Technologies (Orion, MI, USA) has opened its India office.

JULY 30, 2008--Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT; Orion, MI, USA), a supplier of factory-automation design, engineering, and process consulting services, has opened its India office. Located in Bangalore, the new office will support the growing Asia-Pacific market, as well as AMT's key US customers.

"The Asia-Pacific region and India in particular, are key areas for automation growth," said Joseph Campbell, chief operating officer of AMT. "With the increase in demand for quality products along with rising labor costs, the potential for automation engineering services is rapidly expanding. We are establishing engineering operations in Bangalore, India to help support customers in Asia with automation needs as well as existing customers in the automotive, aerospace, food and energy markets."

The new office will include all areas of automation engineering, training, field support, and development functions. For more information please visit their

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