Navitar purchases Special Optics

FEBRUARY 4, 2008--Navitar (Rochester, NY, USA) has acquired Special Optics (Wharton, NJ, USA).

FEBRUARY 4, 2008--Navitar (Rochester, NY, USA;, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of precision optics and optomechanical assemblies for the machine-vision and digital projection industries, has acquired Special Optics (Wharton, NJ, USA; ), a privately owned manufacturer of optical assemblies for long-range surveillance, laser scanning, laser projection, UV, visible, and infrared applications. The acquisition was effective January 25, 2008. Special Optics is a fully integrated provider of custom, precision optical and electro-optical solutions that span markets and applications from medical imaging, semiconductor metrology, digital projection, laser projection, laser scanning, digital radiology, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, missile tracking, and homeland security & defense.

According to Julian Goldstein and Jeremy Goldstein, copresidents of Navitar, the acquisition of Special Optics provides the following key benefits:

* Special Optics rapid prototyping and lens design capabilities will increase Navitar's product offerings and complement Navitar's strong lens manufacturing capabilities and ability to bring those innovative designs into volume production.
* The combination of Navitar's volume production expertise and Special Optics rapid design and prototype capabilities is expected to enable Navitar to increase its competitive advantage and technical offering to military contractors and commercial accounts seeking to outsource optics based assemblies.

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