Photron multihead high-speed camera wins award

Dec. 19, 2007
DECEMBER 19, 2007--Photron (San Diego, CA, USA) has been awarded the "Crash Test Innovation of the Year" award for its Fastcam MH4.

DECEMBER 19, 2007--Photron (San Diego, CA, USA;, a supplier of high-speed imaging systems and image-analysis software, has been awarded the "Crash Test Innovation of the Year" award for its Fastcam MH4, a multihead, high-speed video system. Automotive Testing Technology International, a company dedicated to the latest R&D within the area of automotive test and evaluation, announced Photron's award in November 2007. Finalists are selected from all automotive development and research companies and judged by a panel of eight jurors for several award categories. The top seven winners are honored for their contributions made to automotive engineering, automotive safety and reliability, usability, and driveability.

Photron's Fastcam MH4 is a high-G high-speed imaging system that features four camera heads, each less than 1.5 in. cubed, that are connected to a compact dc processor via flexible cables from 3 to 33 feet long, enabling easy high speed imaging in the most difficult-to-access and hostile environments. Ideal for automotive crash-test evaluation and many military and defense applications, the MH4 offers excellent light sensitivity, small size, and easy maneuverability in confined spaces.

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