JULY 22--Comnetix Inc. (Toronto, Canada; www.comnetix.com), a provider of biometric identification and authentication solutions, announced the formation of a strategic relationship with privately held, Los Angeles, CA-based Neven Vision, creator of machine-vision software-development kits designed to perform core facial recognition/matching functions. Comnetix plans to integrate Neven's core facial-recognition technology with its criminal and civil identification and authentication systems to provide its law-enforcement and other government customers a seamless multimodal biometric identification and authentication solution.

Neven Vision is a provider of machine-vision technology for a variety of markets, including the government and private security sectors, consumer electronics, and the mobile phone industry. Its facial analysis suite comprises modules for face detection, face recognition, and facial feature tracking and is widely respected as a comprehensive and accurate solution for visual facial analysis. The software is currently integrated in numerous products ranging from facial biometrics for security and defense to facial feature tracking for new forms of visual communication on mobile phones.

A specialty of Neven Vision is embedded machine-vision software for low-cost microprocessors and digital signal processors. Neven Vision is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, and the company has an office in Tokyo. More information is available at www.nevenvision.com.

Comnetix provides secure criminal identification and authentication hardware and software to law-enforcement agencies throughout North America. It also offers secure commercial systems for use in areas such as applicant screening, financial services, health care, transportation, airlines and airports, casinos and gaming, and energy/utilities. Clients include American Airlines, Lehman Brothers, New York State Health and Hospital Corporation, New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services, Toronto Police Services Board, Boston Police Department, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Comnetix offers packaged and custom-designed multimode biometric identification systems.

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