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X-ray system checks components

Th 124462
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FXS-160.40 (T.I.G.E.R.) x-ray system offers a geometric magnification of up to 636x (total magnification up to 2800x) and a sample tray area of 24 × 24 in. (610 × 610 mm) to inspect standard BGA components and interconnects, MicroBGAs, flip-chips, high-density interconnects, hybrids, and encapsulated components. Essentially a 2-D x-ray inspection system, it can achieve 3-D views via oblique viewing at virtually any angle. The image-intensifier manipulator rotates 360° and tilts up to 60° to view complex assemblies. Three-axis manipulation of the sample can be performed with a positional accuracy down to 100 µm. Open-tube x-ray technology permits inspection of x-y feature sizes below 1 µm.
FeinFocus USA Inc.
Stamford, CT, USA

Board carries four modules

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HEPC9 PCI DSP carrier board can support a combination of four HERON DSP, FPGA, and I/O modules. It delivers up to 9600 MIPS of integer DSP performance, 4 GFLOPS of floating-point DSP performance, or 24 million gates of a Virtex-II FPGA resource in a single PCI slot. Module options include TMS320C6701 DSP processor modules for up to 1 GFLOPS per DSP, TMS320C6203 DSP processor modules for up to 2400 MIPS per DSP, up to 6 million-gate FPGAs, and 12- and 14-bit A/D and D/A interfaces supporting 100 million MSPS+ sampling rates. Interboard connectors provide six 1.35-Gbit bidirectional links, each capable of sustaining up to 125-Mbyte/s rates between HEPC9 carrier boards.
Traquair Data Systems
Ithaca, NY, USA

Camera runs FireWire

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Dxx 21F04 FireWire (IEEE 1394) cameras consist of nine models in three types: monochrome, color, and color suitable for measurement applications. They are equipped with a Sony 1/4-in. progressive-scan 640 × 480-pixel CCD and come in a dye-cast enclosure with a C/CS mount or as camera modules with microlenses or a C/CS mount plate. Cameras comply with the DCAM standard and are connected via a FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface to PCs and notebooks that run Windows 2000/XP, MacOS, or Linux. An SDK (ActiveX, C++ library) for Windows is shipped free of charge.
The Imaging Source LLC
Charlotte, NC, USA

Computer serves industrial use

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VersaView CE industrial computer contains a Celeron 650-MHz computer and 250 Mbytes of both RAM and Flash memory. The TFT active-matrix color display comes in 6.5-, 10.4-, 12.1-, and 15-in. versions and keyboard and touchscreen options. Preloaded software includes Windows CE and the company's RSView Machine Edition. A software-development kit accommodates C++ and Visual Basic.
Rockwell Automation
Bloomington, MN, USA

CMOS camera serves metrology

Th 124466
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PM-1000 10-bit CMOS camera is used as a metrology tool to acquire colorimetric and photometric digital test images and ..measure both brightness and CIE color coordinates. It suits luminance, illuminance, and chromaticity measurements on LCDs and LCD components, display backlights, OLEDs, and CRTs. On-chip filters enable simultaneous measurements of different colors at frame-acquisition rates as much as 100 times faster than CCD arrays. The camera is interfaced to a host computer via a 480-Mbit/s USB 2.0 connection. Software support includes the company's ProMetric V. 7.0 software and Windows XP/2000.
Radiant Imaging Inc.
Duvall, WA, USA

Optics work with objectives

Zoom Optical Systems perform with a variety of company and Mitutoyo infinity-corrected objectives. These systems include Zoom 70XL, NIR 70XL, 125C, 160, and Fixed Mag Optical System. They also accept the company's Super 5X, 10X, and 20X objectives. The numerical apertures of these objectives are 0.225, 0.45, and 0.60, respectively, at working distances of 34, 19, and 13 mm. Usable fields-of-view charts are available for all Zoom systems.
Thales Optem
Fairport, NY, USA

Motion platform combines controls

Q-Series Automation Platform integrates traditional motion-control methods, a selectable multi-CPU architecture, and SSCNET, the company's industrial, high-speed motion-control network. Motion-control instructions are processed as fast as 888 ms. Development tools include a programming environment in a Sequential Function Chart format and Virtual Programming Language to graphically represent complex motion and mechanical relationships. This virtual environment can describe a complex machine's motion requirements using a series of mechanical icons to visually represent gear ratios, transmissions, line-shafts, and cam profiles. Freeform cam profiles can be created using spline interpolation. After the profiles are created, the motion controller can store multiple profiles and change them on the fly, eliminating the downtime associated with mechanical cams.
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.
Vernon Hills, IL, USA

Camera offers variable rates

Th 124467
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VFC-1000 1/3-in. CCD monochrome or color variable-frame-rate camera captures ..images between 50 (at 512 × 472-pixel resolution) and 8000 frames/s (at 128 × 34-pixel resolution). Shutter speeds run from 1/250 s to 1/100,000 s with a video output of NTSC or PAL (composite or S-Video). Ethernet or RS-232 interface is available for camera control. PC requirements include Windows 2000/NT, Pentium III at 700 MHz or faster, and 128 Mbytes or higher.
FOR-A Corp. of America
Cypress, CA, USA

Optics sees ultraviolet

Th 124468
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Tech Spec optical components for the ultraviolet (UV) portion of the spectrum include right-angle prisms, windows, and neutral-density (ND) filters. Uncoated UV fused-silica right-angle prisms provide ..standard tolerances of ±5 arc-min angle tolerance; half-wave surface accuracy; and 60-40 scratch-dig and high tolerances of ±40 arc-sec angle tolerance; 1/10 wave surface accuracy, and 20-10 scratch dig. Precision UV fused-silica optical windows range in diameter from 10 to 25 mm and come either uncoated or coated with VIS 0° antireflection coating. UV fused-silica ND filters provide optical densities of 0.3 to 3.0 and are spectrally flat from 200 to 700 nm.
Edmund Industrial Optics Inc.
Barrington, NJ, USA

Sensors fit in small spaces

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CSM 1/KT 3/LUT 2 sensors come in miniature sizes for installation in small spaces to detect a variety of packaging ..materials, colors, and luminescences. CSM 1 color sensor identifies, sorts, and checks objects based on their color after a learning mode. Switching frequencies of up to 1.5 kHz allow color detection even at high throughput rates. KT 3 contrast sensor uses two-point teach-in on marks and backgrounds, high contrast resolutions, and integrated switching threshold adaptation for highly reflective target objects. Providing sensing distances of 12.5 mm and switching frequencies to 10 kHz, these device perform contrast detection of packaging. LUT 2 luminescence sensor detects visible and invisible markings that luminesce due to self-contained ultraviolet light with a sensing distance of approximately 12.5 mm.
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Smart camera blazes

VC2065 1/2-in. full-frame, progressive-scan camera delivers 782 × 582-pixel resolution at a rate of 54 frames/s. Its built-in TMS320C6211 150-MHz processor provides 1200 MIPS. Image display is monochrome or pseudocolor from a 3 × 8-bit RGB look-up table. Image memory offers 16 Mbytes of SDRAM; display memory, 2 Mbytes of SGRAM; and Flash memory, 2 Mbytes of EPROM.
Vision Components GmbH
Ettlingen, Germany

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