Semiconductor inspection system finds 80-nm defects

June 26, 2002
June 26--Applied Materials Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) has released the SEMVisionTM G2 defect review system for nanometer-semiconductor manufacturing.

June 26--Applied Materials Inc. (Santa Clara, CA; www.appliedmaterials) has released the SEMVisionTM G2 defect review system for nanometer-semiconductor manufacturing. The system extends the technology of the existing SEMVision system with capabilities for rapidly imaging and analyzing defects as small as 80 nm. Using proprietary imaging technology, the system can review fabrication and electrical defects at a throughput of up to 1000 defects per hour.

"The SEMVision G2 defect review technology increases our customers' ability to understand their defect issues and quickly find their root causes in the production environment," says Gilad Almogy, vice president and general manager of Applied Materials' process diagnostics and control division.

The defect review system uses a proprietary multi-perspective imaging capability that collects defect images from different angles and rapidly translates them into defect information. Key advances include improvements to the SEM (scanning electron microscope) column and detector, which provides superb image quality under a variety of production conditions. High aspect ratio imaging, incorporated in the column, allows high quality review of the bottom of 10:1 vias.

Other defect review features include bare wafer review, patterned wafer EDX (energy-dispersive x-ray), and new process inspection capabilities. An Advanced Process Inspection (APITM) e-beam inspection mode permits users to select critical areas of the die or predefined test structures for high-resolution SEM imaging. Moreover, with voltage contrast imaging, users can implement API and test structure analysis to find both random and systematic killer defects and quickly ramp-up new process modules.

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