3D Plus intros smallest color CCD camera head

Nov. 22, 2010
3D Plus has introduced what it claims is the smallest color CCD camera head in the world: 1.8 x 1.8 x 9 mm fitting 2.6-mm diameter applications.


3D Plus has introduced what it claims is the smallest Color CCD Camera Head in the world: 1.8 x 1.8 x 9 mm fitting 2.6 mm diameter applications.

After the success of its 1/6” and 1/10” Camera Head Sensor, 3D Plus announces the availability of its new 1/15” Camera Head.

Thanks to the use of its 3D stacking and interconnection technology, 3D Plus developed a highly miniaturized and light weight colour CCD Camera. The 3D technology also brings an outstanding reliability and resistance to harsh environment to the 1/15” CCD camera head.

Available for PAL video systems, it embeds a state-of-the art Sony colour CCD sensor with high sensitivity, low dark current and excellent anti blooming characteristics. The other embedded electronics allow an easy reliable connection of the camera head to a base station. It also grants the micro camera with long cables driving capability (up to 10 meters of cable can be connected between the camera head and the base station).

A standard Camera Controller Unit (CCU) can be delivered on request. It provides the users with all the micro camera settings and control functions like color, brightness, contrast, image window set-up.

3D Plus Camera Head Sensors are already used worldwide for industrial endoscopy and minimal invasive surgery for fixed or flexible endoscopes where picture quality is a must.

The innovative very small and light design makes them also suitable for applications in the area of robotics, assembly and mounting devices, manipulators or security supervision.

Availability and pricing
Camera Head Sensors are available in PAL or NTSC video format, only PAL for the 1/15”
Our simplified manufacturing process allows us to guarantee shorter lead time and customer’s satisfaction regarding time-to-market issues.

About 3D PLUS company
Founded in 1995 by Mr Pierre Maurice and Mr Christian VAL, 3D Plus, a French company, has become a worldwide actor for the stacking of different types of dice with a 3-dimension process developed by its company management. With a revenue multiplied by 4 since 2006 and a workforce of 110 people, engineers and technicians, the company is carrying on its evolution by developing standard products (DDR, SDRam, Flash, SRam, , Camera Head Sensors... ) and custom modules for harsh environments embedded systems. Due to its constant growth, 3D Plus built in 2001 a new manufacturing plant increasing its production capability which is now above 26 000 modules per year.

Source: 3D PLUS

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