Alternative Vision offers five-sensor multispectral camera from Quest

Dec. 22, 2010
Quest innovation's Condor 1000 MS5 multispectral camera with five image sensors is now available from Alternative Vision Corp.


First multi-spectral camera with five image sensors now available from Alternative Vision Corporation

Alternative Vision Corp. (Tucson, AZ, USA), the North American distributor for Quest Innovations BV (Middenmeer, the Netherlands), announces the arrival of the MS5, the newest member of Quest Innovation's Condor 1000 series.

The Condor 1000 MS5 is designed for imaging applications that require image capture of both the visible and near-infrared bands. Built for optimal image quality in the visible/NIR spectrum in a single camera, the Condor 1000 MS5 combines five sensors on a spectral separation prism to cover the red, green and blue bands; two additional sensors cover the near-infrared range. The camera supports frame rates to 150 fps, a maximum bandwidth of 210 MB/s and hosts Camera Link, GigE and optical fiber interfaces.

The sensors on the Condor 1000 MS5 may be individually controlled for synchronization, exposure, gain, offset, region of interest, trigger input, and other settings. The Condor 1000 MS5 also supports a number of optional features including five 32-bit processors, five multi-pixel co-processors and on-board processing for applications that generate high volumes of data.

The Condor 1000 MS5 includes models using sensors from 1/4-inch to 2/3 inch size in resolutions from VGA to 5 megapixel. Custom versions for other sensors and for special spectral bands can be supplied.

The Condor 1000 MS5's highly-scalable hardware and software platform simplifies application development and is ideal for medical camera systems, food and agriculture inspection, and material surface inspection applications.

Pricing for the Condor 1000 MS5 starts at $US 45,000 (QTY 1) depending on the configuration. Lead time is 6-14 weeks from ordering.

SOURCE: Alternative Vision Corporation

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