PPT VISION IMPACT 9.0 offers intuitive user interface

July 15, 2010
PPT VISION announces that their IMPACT Software Suite is easier to use and faster to deploy with the release of IMPACT 9.0.


PPT VISION, Inc. (Minnetonka, MN, USA) announces that their IMPACT Software Suite, the machine vision industry's most flexible machine vision software suite, is now even easier to use and faster to deploy with the release of IMPACT 9.0.

"PPT VISION has a philosophy of continuous product improvement," stated Sean O'Driscoll, executive vice-president of PPT VISION. "Our primary goal is to improve our customers' productivity, either by increasing functionality or by ensuring existing software applications are even more flexible and easier to use."

Noteworthy enhancements in the IMPACT 9.0 Software Suite include:
* A significant software redesign that delivers a more streamlined programming environment, expediting application setup
* A more intuitive user interface that shortens the learning curve for new users while also benefiting experienced IMPACT customers
* Reorganized toolboxes that yield a more intuitive layout
* Faster file loading and file editing
* An added OPC (OLE for Process Control) Server to provide a supplemental communication link to plant process control systems
* Compatibility with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

IMPACT's drag-and-drop configuration requires no programming language knowledge. The IMPACT programming design interface now features setups that guide inspection creators--even those with minimal or no machine vision programming experience--through creating powerful, accurate inspections. This is complemented by the IMPACT Software Suite's signature program Control Panel Manager (CPM), a tool that enables machine vision programmers to create a customized GUI for operators that mirrors the machine environment with which they are familiar. CPM is a powerful vehicle to create the simplicity, security, visibility and real-time editing and control ideal for factory operator interfaces. A single CPM control panel can be used to operate numerous IMPACT cameras.

IMPACT software includes a free emulator for training, testing and tweaking inspections offline. Download a free copy of the IMPACT 9.0 Software Suite at www.pptvision.com, or call 952-996-9500.

* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United
States and other countries.

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