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Wilson’s Websites brings you the latest information on what’s new on the web. To accomplish this, we provide links to tutorial information, hardware or software product developments, product database information, technical articles, associations, and on-line magazines. If you or your company would like to be considered for Wilson’s Websites, please contact Andy Wilson at andyw@pennwell.com.

Firewire repeaters

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New from Newnex is a range of optical repeaters that lets 800-Mbit/s 1394b-based FireWire cameras be interfaced to computers at distances up to 1000 m.

Base and medium


Looking to interface a high-speed Camera Link camera to a PC? Check out the latest PCI-based add-in boards from Graphin, which interface to both Base and Medium Camera Link camera configurations.

Nanopositioning stages


Claimed to be the smallest piezomotor-driven translation stages currently available, PI-Polytec PIline combines piezomotor drives with a 0.1-µm linear encoder.

Mass storage

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Ampex supplies a range of solid-state and tape-based storage peripherals to meet the demands of medical, high-speed-imaging, and military applications that require large amounts of data to be stored.

Systems integration


On this site, you can read how Dragonfly computing has developed a number of machine-vision systems for the inspection of microdisplays, airfoil parts, and razor-blade cartridges.

Cables for cameras

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Founded in 1988, OCP manufactures cable and component products for machine-vision, industrial, instrumentation, and medical industries. Cables and connectors for Camera Link, USB, and fiberoptic-based cameras are featured.

Visible and IR


Founded in 1999, Vionics has developed a range of low-cost IR cameras and sensor-engine electronics based on microbolometer technology from DRS Infrared Technologies (www.drs.com).

Detector readout


Electronics modules from Tec5usa can drive detectors from Sensors Unlimited, Hamamatsu, Carl Zeiss, and Perkin Elmer and provide direct PC access through PCI, PC/104, and single-board-computer interfaces.

Image storage

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Fibre Channel, Ultra SCSI, SCSI ATA / IDE, USB, cPCI, and VME-based electronic-disk, solid-state-storage, flash-drive solutions can be found on the web site of BiTMICRO Networks.

3-D maps


Using holographic imaging techniques, ShaPix generates 3-D images of a measured surface. On this site, you can read how GM used the system to study the shape of automotive brake rotors.

Laser profiling

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3DM develops and manufactures laser-profiling systems for industrial applications. The devices are based on laser triangulation and provide 2-D profiles of objects to accuracies better than ±1 mm at speeds of 50,000 points/s.



Siskiyou Design Instruments offers a number of micromanipulators, microscope sample positioners, motion-control systems, and modular optomechanical building blocks.

X-ray cameras


Detectors, image intensifiers, and visible, x-ray, and low-light camera systems for medical, industrial, and research can be found on the Photek web site.

Infrared imaging

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SemiConductor Devices designs, develops, and manufactures InSb, Vox, and MCT infrared detectors. Company capabilities, products, and technical papers are featured on the site.

Fast cameras

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Image intensifiers, open MCP detector systems, and low-light-level and fast-shutter cameras are featured on the web site of Proxitronic.

Target tracking


Formerly a division of DBA Systems, E-O Imaging makes a range of VME and PCI-based add-in boards for video tracking that interface with both analog and digital visible and IR sensors.

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