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July 1, 2004
Smart cameras fit compact package; Camera catches luminescence; FireWire cameras scan lines; MORE...

Smart cameras fit compact package

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Pictor M-series (M12, M14, M16, M24) is a line of smart cameras with a 640 × 480-pixel, full-frame, 25-Hz progressive-scan CCD sensor. The cameras feature two digital inputs, four digital outputs, RS-232 connection, 8-bits gray scale, and shutter speeds of 24 µs to 2 s. The cameras are available in a 70 × 70 × 44-mm package and are operated by the company's VCWin user interface or VICOREM remote-control code.
Vision Control
Suhl, Germany

Camera catches luminescence

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sensicam em has on-chip electron multiplication noise values of <1e- rms (at gain >200 and pixel clock = 16 MHz), which enable single-photon detection. The 1000 × 1000-pixel CCD has quantum efficiency up to 65% in the visible spectrum. The sensicam em is thermoelectrically cooled to –160°C and has a dynamic resolution of 12 bits. A high-speed serial interface is included, with fiberoptic connection available.
Kelheim, Germany

FireWire cameras scan lines

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FWL 120 series of progressive line-scan CCD cameras are based on the FireWire interface and provide 2048-pixel scanning at 2.8 kHz. The cameras feature true partial scan of the region of interest, external synchronization, online 12-bit shading correction, and automatic exposure-time control. A software-development kit is available.
Baumer Optronic
Radeberg, Germany

Vision system offers drive, memory

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4Sight M industrial imaging computer is equipped with either an embedded Intel Celeron M or Pentium M processor and features an ATA-100 hard drive, analog and digital video acquisition including Camera Link and IEEE 1394 IIDC, and simultaneous primary analog and secondary TV, analog VGA, or digital VGA outputs. It has separate Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, along with USB 2.0, RS-232, and RS-485 communications.
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada

Lights provides large FOV

Large Area LED Light (LALL) series of high-output, LED-based machine-vision illuminators provide high-intensity light to large areas. The LALL series comes in gasket-sealed aluminum housing that complies with NEMA 4X and IP-64 ratings for use in wet or dusty areas, and standard red or white wavelengths with amber, green, cyan, and blue are available. For example, a LALL with an active area of 47 × 47 mm is passively cooled, has an expected lifetime of 50,000 h, and, at 6-ft stand-off distance, provides a lux value of 330 in white or 420 in red.
Weare, NH, USA

Lenses provide wide view

Xenoplan lenses XNP 2.0/28 and XNP 2.8/50 provide, respectively, 28- and 50-mm focal lengths and an imaging circle of 22 mm, which allow the use of large sensors, such as 15 × 15-mm CCD or CMOS sensors. The C-mount lenses feature a broadband antireflection coating for 400- to 1000-nm wavelength transmission. The iris setting can be locked for measurements in harsh environments or crash-test applications.
Jos. Schneider Optische Werke
Bad Kreuznach, Germany

CMOS camera offers resolution

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Phantom v9.0 CMOS camera offers full-frame recording speed of 1000 frames/s at 1600 × 1200 pixels and a maximum frame rate of 144,000 frames/s. Available color or monochrome models, it features Gigabit Ethernet or RS-232 connections, compatibility with modulated or unmodulated IRIG-B timing signals, and an IRIG lock that can be phase-shifted. The optional Image3 external memory-storage unit enables real-time image recording; a 2-Gbit/s optical fiber interface is available.
Vision Research
Wayne, NJ, USA

IEEE-1394b camera streams fast

Dragonfly Express uses the IEEE-1394b interface and a Kodak KAI-0340M progressive-scan interline-transfer CCD to stream 640 × 480-pixel images at greater than 175 frames/s. The 1394b LINK layer is designed into a Xilinx FPGA; the 1394b interface can transfer up to 80 Mbits/s of data. The Dragonfly Express is 63.5 × 50.8 mm, comes with a C-mount lens holder, 4.5 m of 9-pin IEEE 1394b cable, and PGR Flycapture C/C++ for software development.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wireless imagers extend range

MS-Q Quadrus wireless imagers read 2-D symbols in direct part-marking applications and all printed-barcode methods plus many directly marked symbols. Based on a CMOS progressive-scan sensor, the imagers feature targeting with a red laser spot, more than 4000 reads from a single battery charge, and a minimum of 1-Mbyte nonvolatile memory. Cable-connection options are USB or RS-232; wireless connection is Bluetooth Class 1 radio with a 100-m operating range.
Microscan Systems
Renton, WA, USA

FireWire camera fits industrial needs

Dica 121 is a digital monochrome camera with a Fillfactory 1280 × 1024-pixel CMOS sensor capable of 27 full frames/s to 1000 partial frames/s. The 46 × 33 × 90-mm camera package features two IEEE-1394a connectors, external trigger, two flashlight outputs, and a C-mount lens. Standard software is V1.3 compatible; additional software includes a C/C++ library for PC programming and NI LabView.
Philips CFT
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Lenses target infrared

TYTO lenses are designed for Raytheon BST camera cores or BAE LTC550 cameras and mount directly on the core housing. Focal lengths vary from 13 to 150 mm for IR light in the 7–14-µm range. The circular field of view is 75° for a 13-mm-focal-length lens and 7.5° for a 150-mm-focal-length lens. Typical transmission is 93% between 8 and 12 µm.
Janos Technology
Townshend, VT, USA

Video camera sees in low light

L3C95 series is a day/night video camera that contains a sealed TEC and a 1-in., 768 × 288-pixel L3Vision electron-multiplier CCD that is combined with integrated temporal and spatial filtering for imaging at very low light levels. Analog output from the camera is EIA- and CCIR-video compatible; digital interface is USB 2.0 with 12-bit video/camera control. Remote control is via the interface or RS-232 port.
e2v technologies
Chelmsford, UK

Processor enhances video

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IPM-1000 can be inserted into video systems via BNC connections at the camera, point of display, or recording site to provide real-time contrast enhancement ..on live or recorded video. Adaptive algorithms optimize contrast on a frame-by-frame basis, with image-processing function that can be adjusted to control sharpness, contrast, operating mode, and window control. The IPM-1000 package is 1.12 × 3.28 × 5.94 in.
Enpiction Image Technologies
North Kingstown, RI, USA

Color camera stops action

Pantera SA 2M30 is a color area-scan camera that uses a 1600 × 1200-pixel interline-transfer CCD to provide output up to 30 frames/s at full array. In partial array, up to 250 frames/s are possible. The camera has selectable 8- or 10-bit digitization, gain steps of 0.1 dB, Bayer color filter, and Camera Link interface. Stop Action imaging captures images without smear.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Software supports inspection

DT Vision Foundry 3.6 software supports FireWire and USB cameras. Users can build applications with point, click, and script interface and use graphical tools or API-level function calls. The software supports multiple image formats and can be used with any Data Translation PCI frame grabber or with Direct Show 8.0 FireWire and USB cameras with uncompressed data in either 8-bit monochrome or 24-bit RGB format. DirectX 9.0 is required to use the cameras.
Data Translation
Marlboro, MA, USA

Camera provides speed

EDC-3000C/D color and monochrome USB 2.0 cameras use progressive-scan 1280 × 1024-pixel CMOS sensors with a full frame rate of 30 frames/s and subarray scanning at greater than 3000 frames/s. Exposure times for the sensor can be 8 µs to 10 s. The 40 × 40 × 65-mm camera package comes with CS or C lens mount, 5 m of USB 2.0 cable, and a 1/4-in. tripod mount. Optional SDKs include image-processing functions/libraries, C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, and NI LabView.
Princeton, NJ, USA

Unit positions cameras

PTU-D300 is a pan-and-tilt unit for outdoor payloads of up to 35 lb and pan speeds of 150°/s. Control from host is by ASCII protocol and RS-232/485, or custom desktop or embedded program using C API. LabVIEW driver is included. Unit provides 360° continuous operation with pass-through for sensor/antenna signals. Accessories include cables, mouse/trackball, and power supplies.
Kane Computing
Northwich, UK

Fast cameras fit small spaces

XC-HR57 and XC-HR58 are progressive-scan cameras based on a 1/2-in. IT progressive-scan CCD. The housing of both is 29 × 29 × 30 mm, with weight of 50 g. The XC-HR57 provides 60 frames/s, and XC-HR58 provides 50 frames/s; in binning-mode speed increases to 120 and 100 frames/s, respectively. Sensitivity of the sensors is 1.0 lux at f/1.4.
Sony Business Europe
Paris, France

Converter catches dark signals

TSL237 high-sensitivity light-to-frequency converter senses low light levels down to 0.00002 lux and has a dynamic range of 5 million:1. Dark-signal frequency is 0.1 Hz. The converter comes in a 3-pin Side Looker package.
Plano, TX. USA

CMOS camera fits USB 2.0

MV-D640-48-U2 VGA CMOS camera series comes with a USB 2.0 or Camera Link interface. The 1/2-in. monochrome or color sensor provides 640 × 480-pixel images in the 400-900-nm wavelength region at up to 200 frames/s. The USB version measures 55 × 55 × 48 mm and comes with a C-mount and global shutter.
Lachen, Switzerland

Software supports IR

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Altair 5.50 thermography software provides the capability to develop plug-in modules in the Windows XP/2k environment. The plug-ins appear as a submenu in the main toolbar, and Version 5.50 includes plug-in modules for image processing and manipulation and radiometric modeling.
Cedip Infrared Systems
Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Frame grabber does analog video

MaxRevolution TVAC is a PCI-bus-based analog video frame grabber that features two simultaneous 10-bit analog video digitizers, an FPGA, JPEG 2000 hardware CODEC, and analog video display capability. The frame grabber supports NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and RS-170 video input in either S-Video composite or component form. On-board image memory is available from 128 Mbytes to 1 Gbyte. MaxImaging Suite software enables multihost, multiboard configurations via Microsoft DCOM.
Danvers, MA, USA

Ringlight is shadow-free

LCR-100 LED ringlight provides shadow-free illumination for microscopy applications. The white LED ringlight comes with thumbscrew mounting system for positioning and a working distance of 2.25 to 6 in.; it fits microscope and camera objectives without adapters from 2 to 2.63 in. Voltage is either 120 or 240 V, and lifetime is more than 20,000 h.
Schott North America
Auburn, NY, USA

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