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July 1, 2002
In choosing software for next-generation imaging systems, designers are faced with several alternatives.

In choosing software for next-generation imaging systems, designers are faced with several alternatives. In many applications, where specific problems need to be solved rapidly, a number of specialized or off-the-shelf packages can be integrated with graphical user interfaces. This month, we look at some lesser-known imaging software packages that are available to perform these tasks.

HIGH-SPEED IMAGINGwww.alliancevision.com
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Alliance Vision (Mirmande, France) provides engineering and software platforms for vision and image-analysis applications. On the company's Web site, you'll see descriptions of VisionStage image-acquisition software, VisionStageIP image-analysis software, and MA Studio high-speed imaging software. Also included are examples of industrial solutions in production quality control, high-speed crash tests, inspection of LCD screens, and paper print-quality control.

DIFFERENTIAL HYSTERESISwww.imagecontent.com/
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Based on a patented algorithm called Differential Hysteresis Processing, Lucis software fromImage Content Technology (Glastonbury, CT) compares the intensity differences among pixels along hundreds of radial lines. Intensity variations within a differential contrast range (DCR) are enhanced while variations outside the DCR are diminished. This Web site provides numerous examples of how this patented software can be used in applications such as astronomy, forensics, medical imaging, and nondestructive testing.

BONUS FOR MATLABwww.ph.tn.tudelft.nl/DIPlib/

DIPimage toolbox from the Pattern Recognition Group atDelft University of Technology (Delft, The Netherlands) performs scientific image processing and analysis based on the MatLab toolbox from The MathWorks (Natick, MA). Many functions are GUI-based, and interactive image-display windows show images after each operation. Downloads are available from this site for Solaris 2.5, Linux 2.2, Irix/Irix64, and Windows NT 4.0 software.

SOURCE CODE, TOOwww.dtack.com

Image-DT fromDtack Imaging Software (Port Angeles, WA) is a platform-independent C++ class library for BASIC two-dimensional image processing. The classes support several pixel types and are designed for modularity and extensibility. The documented library is supplied with a self-test verification suite and is delivered with source code. On this Web site, you can examine all the library calls, view examples, and obtain a workgroup license.

FOUR FROM SUNwwws.sun.com/software/imaging/

Java2D, Java Advanced Imaging, mediaLib, and OpenGL Imaging extensions are all described on theSun Microsystems (Santa Clara, CA) site. In addition to providing a product-comparison tool, the site details all four packages, their functionalities, and how to download each package on-line.

IMAGE-PROCESSING TOOLSwww.ee.siue.edu/CVIPtools/
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CVIPtools is a UNIX/Windows-based software package developed at the Computer Vision and Image Processing Laboratory atSouthern Illinois University at Edwardsville (Edwardsville, IL) by Scott Umbaugh. From this site, you can download the latest version (CVIPtools3.9) that supports UNIX and Windows NT/95/98/2000/Me and read an overview of Umbaugh's book describing the software.

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