PC Systems Handbook; Production-line inspection; Fiberoptic illuminator; High-speed flex design guide

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PC Systems Handbook
Latest edition of company's handbook includes detailed charts, tutorials, and an inventory of more than 3000 products. Industrial PC systems and data-acquisition and control devices are covered. CyberResearch Inc., Branford, CT 06405; (203) 483-8815; Fax: (203) 483-9024.

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Production-line inspection
Problem-solution approach helps production-line personnel speed and improve all types of inspection. Drawings and illustrations show new techniques available. Keyence Corp. of America, Woodcliff, NJ 07675; (201) 930-0100; Fax: (201) 930-1883; e-mail: jasong.hq@

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Fiberoptic illuminator
Brochure describes company's new fiberoptic illuminator for microscopy and machine-vision applications. The unit's 24-W metal-halide lamp delivers up to five times the light output of other sources. Applications include blood analysis and quality control. Dolan-Jenner Industries Inc., Lawrence, MA 01843; (800) 833-4237; Fax: (978) 682-2500; e-mail:

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High-speed flex design guide
Guide gives details on micropitch interconnects having matched impedance for enhanced signal integrity. A variety of high-density interfaces are described for achieving improved electrical performance in applications such as soldered and solderless one-piece interfaces. Samtec, New Albany, IN 47151; (800) SAMTEC9; Fax: (812) 948-5047; e-mail:

Family of infrared cameras
Brochure describes company's series of IR thermography systems-hand-held thermal cameras designed specifically for predictive maintenance and IR inspection applications. Windows-based reporting software developed for automatic report generation and trend analysis is also discussed. FLIR Systems Inc., N. Billerica, MA 01862; (978) 901-8000; Fax: (978) 901-8532.

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Scopes for many uses
Color brochure describes fiberscopes, borescopes, videoscopes, and microscopes for applications such as video monitoring, recording operations, and remote viewing into printed-circuit boards, fuel nozzles, and drilled holes. ITI Instrument Technology Inc., Westfield, MA 01086; (413) 562-3606; Fax: (413) 568-9809; e-mail:

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