Nikon Instruments launches semiconductor inspection group

July 9, 2002
JULY 9--Nikon Instruments Inc. (Melville, NY) has formed the Nikon Semiconductor Inspection Technologies Group (Nikon Sitech).

JULY 9--Nikon Instruments Inc. (Melville, NY; has formed the Nikon Semiconductor Inspection Technologies Group (Nikon Sitech). The new group will offer comprehensive service and support to its current and future customer base, including a fourfold increase in sales and technical support, as well as broaden the US distribution of Nikon's semiconductor inspection products.

The new group will be located in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, and will focus on training, demonstrations, and service application support, as well as the infrastructure to sell direct to customers. Takashi Tanzawa has been named executive vice president and will lead the technologies group. Prior to this appointment, Tanzawa was manager of strategy for the Nikon Instruments Co. in Japan. "Nikon's Sitech group demonstrates Nikon's commitment to the future of the semiconductor industry that involves product development, training, and technical support and affords Nikon the opportunity to capitalize on new business and market opportunities," says Tanzawa.

According to Hiro Kusaka, president and chief executive officer of Nikon Instruments, "Sitech is a critical step to expand Nikon Instruments and to create a division that is more focused, flexible, and responsive to our customers and the semiconductor industry." Nikon Instruments Inc. is a global supplier of precision optics products, including semiconductor wafer handling and inspection equipment, microscopes for bioscience research and industrial applications, vision-based and optical measuring tools, and diagnostic equipment for optometrists.

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