New European micro-optics company started

July 3, 2002
JULY 3--SUSS MicroTec (Munich, Germany) has started a new micro-optics company, SUSS MicroOptics SA (Neuchatel, Switzerland).

JULY 3--SUSS MicroTec (Munich, Germany;>) has started a new micro-optics company, SUSS MicroOptics SA (Neuchatel, Switzerland; The new company will take over all micro-optics activities of an existing SUSS MicroTec subsidiary and those of consulting company Weible OpTech (Neuchatel, Switzerland). SUSS MicroTec is the majority owner of SUSS MicroOptics.

New company officials include Reinhard Volkel as chief executive officer, Martin Eisner in charge of technology, and Ken Weible in charge of operations. Volkel has more than 15 years of experience in diffractive and refractive micro-optics, optical design, and optical communication technology. He worked at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg and the Institute of Microtechnology in Neuchatel before he joined SUSS MicroTec in 1998, where he was in charge of the Neuchatel subsidiary.

SUSS MicroOptics will focus on developing, manufacturing, and marketing refractive optics and is experienced in optical design, microfabrication, packaging, and metrology. It claims to be the only company that offers refractive microlens arrays for 200-mm wafer technology. Company products include micro-optical components and systems, such as planar couplings, micro-exposure systems, objectives for micro-cameras, and collimators for high power lasers.

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