Navitar Life Sciences acquires assets of Modulation Optics, expands biomedical imaging capabilities

Navitar Life Sciences announced today it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire the assets of Modulation Optics, including the company’s Hoffman Modulation Contrast (HMC) imaging technology.

Navitar Life Sciences (Rochester, NY, USA), an affiliated entity of optics manufacturerNavitar, Inc., announced today it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire the assets of Modulation Optics (Glen Cove, NY, USA), including the company’s Hoffman Modulation Contrast (HMC) imaging technology.

Modulation Optics manufactures Hoffman Modulation Contrastmicroscope components and systems for use in live cell imaging applications such as stem cell imaging, cancer study, and embryo and sperm monitoring during invitro fertilization procedures. The Hoffman Modulation Contrast technology, originally developed and patented by Dr. Robert Hoffman, has become the most widely used light microscopy contrast method for viewing colorless and transparent biological specimens in the world.

“HMC technology has enabled an enormous expansion in live cell imaging capabilities,” comments Julian Goldstein, co‐president of Navitar. “With this technology it is now possible to image active events in living cells with clear, high resolution microscopic images and enhanced sharpness and definition. It can increase contrast in both stained and unstained specimens providing real insights into cell function.”

With the acquisition of Modulation Optics, Navitar says it is making a substantial commitment to expand theirbiomedical capabilities with live cell imaging optics. According to Navitar co‐president Jeremy Goldstein, “The combination of Modulation Optics and Navitar enables our customers to get the ultimate solution for advanced imaging methods in live cell research, which will lead to the development of innovative new equipment for the life sciences industry.”

Hoffman Modulation Contrast can be applied to most objective lenses including Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, and high magnification imaging systems from Navitar. In fact, Olympus, Nikon, and Zeiss have historically been three of Modulation Optics’ largest customers. Modulation Optics offers HMC accessories including full 360‐degree rotating modulators with convenient ‘stop’ mechanism, condensers, turrets, and modules specifically matched with the individual HMC objectives.

“This acquisition enables Navitar to expand our product offering beyond our mainstay ZFL Fluorescence Imaging optical systems,” explains Jeremy Goldstein. “In addition, HMC will now be able to be used in combination with our other illumination techniques like DIC, darkfield, brightfield and fluorescence to achieve spectacular images for our customers.”


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