Optronics adds HD cameras for microscopy

Optronics adds two new HD camera models to its line of Microcast HD full high-definition microscope camera systems.

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Optronics presents two new HD camera models to their growing line of Microcast HD full high-definition microscope camera systems

Optronics (Goleta, CA, USA), a manufacturer of innovative medical grade HD cameras for microscopy, announced the addition of Microcast HD Pro-Lite and Print Pro, camera models to their growing line of full 1080p HD digital microscope camera systems. The new camera models are designed to provide end-user customers more flexibility in terms of their HD microscope imaging requirements.

“We have developed these cameras to address a growing demand for HD imaging in rapidly developing microscope market segments,” stated Rich Crandall, Director of Business Development for Optronics. “Our customers have very unique requirements and the features of these new cameras are designed to address them.”

Microcast HD Pro-Lite is a simple user friendly HD camera system designed to integrate effortlessly with third party HD capture systems. The all-digital output preserves Full HD resolution, delivering unsurpassed image quality to many other types of HD imaging appliances including projectors, monitors and displays. “We have had experience with many HD microscope cameras from multiple manufacturers and clearly the Microcast HD camera stands out as one of the best solutions for many microsurgical applications,” said Ben Stulka, Vice President of Medicapture, a leading manufacturer of surgical HD recorders.

Microcast HD Print Pro supports the latest HP and Sony USB printers and no computer interface is required.

Microcast HD camera systems deliver progressive scan megapixel image resolution of 1920x1080 (2 million) pixels with real-time frame rates (60fps) that reflect natural human vision. The fully automated camera systems offer unique features, providing unsurpassed image accuracy in many types of microscope imaging specialties. “Our camera systems produce motion picture quality content with smooth natural motion, life-like color and unsurpassed detail,” Crandall said.

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