L.S. Starrett's Galileo AV230+ offers complete, compact measurement system

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced the Galileo AV230+, a small, rugged video-based, multi-sensor measurement system.


Compact system with a combination of rigid construction, powerful control software and flexible configuration offers exceptionally accurate inspection for smaller parts

The L.S. Starrett Company (Athol, MA, USA), a global manufacturer of precision tools and metrology equipment and other tools, has introduced the Galileo AV230+, a small, rugged video-based, multi-sensor measurement system. Built with a granite base and Z column, this system was developed specifically to measure microelectronics, micro-machined components and a variety of other small but often heavy specialized parts. The Galileo AV230+ is the smallest member of the Galileo Plus Series of motorized, CNC controlled multi-sensor video measurement systems. The series also includes the AV300+ and AV350+.

The AV230+ is built around a granite base and column and has a 9" x 6" x 7" (225mm x 150mm x 175mm) X-Y-Z measuring range. The strength, rigidity and precision of granite are usually available only in larger systems. As a result, this robust, precision mechanical platform delivers X/Y accuracy of E2=1.5+5L/1000 and Z accuracy of E1=2.0+5L/1000 (in µm).

Starrett’s Galileo AV230+ vision system combines its precision mechanical platform, 12:1 zoom optics, Digital Video Camera and standard coaxial illumination to produce high-resolution, color images. Select fiber optic or LED surface ring and transmitted illumination as well as several auxiliary lenses are available as options.

The AV230+ includes Quadra-Chek QC5300 metrology software. This powerful software provides an intuitive user interface, state of the art ergonomics, as well as powerful data import, export and data analysis tools.

The AV230+ platform is also available as the AV230micro, equipped with high-magnification microscope optics in place of a zoom lens. The rigid, precision granite superstructure of the AV230micro allows for applications that require high magnification levels and specialized microscopy illumination.

“The Galileo AV230+ is Starrett’s most customizable microscope platform for measuring and inspecting microelectronics and micro-machined parts,” said Mark Arenal, general manager of the Metrology Systems Division at The L.S. Starrett Company. “Since the AV230+ offers a wide range of configurations, it supports a variety of optional optical assemblies and lenses including lasers.”

The new Starrett Metrology Catalog (No. 80) and Full Line Catalog (Cat. 32) each have full details about Galileo AV230+ and the complete line of Starrett multi-sensor-ready vision product line. For more details and information about the Galileo AV230+, please contact The L.S. Starrett Company at 978-249-3551.

About The L.S. Starrett Company
Founded in 1880, The L.S. Starrett Company manufactures and markets precision measurement tools, metrology equipment, granite-based engineered solutions, band saw blades, power tool accessories, jobsite and shop tools. Long known as “the world’s greatest toolmaker,” Starrett continues to set the standard of excellence through practical innovation, exceptional quality and unmatched precision.

Source: L.S. Starrett Company

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