Vieworks launches VP Series 12-bit digital camera line

Oct. 1, 2010
Vieworks announces the availability of the VP series of digital cameras.


Cameras incorporate Image Sensor Cooling Technology to Lower Noise and Increase Sensitivity

Vieworks (Seoul, South Korea), a leading manufacturer of high performance 12-bit digital cameras, announces the availability of the VP series of digital cameras. Leveraging technical expertise proven as a leading supplier to Medical market applications such as Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy since 1999, this new series of 12-bit digital cameras incorporate Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC) technology to lower image sensor noise and increase camera sensitivity. TEC technology is broadly used in Medical market cameras and is now available in their Industrial line of cameras. By keeping the image sensor at 200 below ambient temperature sensor noise is reduced allowing longer exposure times for increased sensitivity. Customers designing systems for critical automated optical inspection that need stable and repeatable camera performance will also benefit from using this new camera technology.

The following cameras make up the VP series:
VP-16M4 - 16 million pixel, 4872 x 3248
VP-11M6 - 11 million pixel, 4008 x 2672

“Adding TEC cooling technology is another product performance feature that sets a new level of imaging performance available to our customers. We continually advance the technology in our cameras to provide customers the best image quality possible,” said Mr. Bob Kim, Managing Director, Vieworks Co. Ltd. “The VP cameras set a new performance level in the Industrial, Scientific, and Military markets.”

“The new VP camera series provides customers not only lower noise and increased sensitivity but also a stable operating condition making quantitative analysis more repeatable,” said Terry Guy, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Vision Systems Technology, LLC. “Vieworks continues to show their technical leadership in advancing the imaging performance of their cameras for demanding Industrial, Scientific, and Military market applications.”

The VP-16M is immediately available. The VP-11M will follow in 45 days. Evaluation samples of the VP-16M can be obtained by contacting Vision Systems Technology, Vieworks North America distributor. You can visit our website to learn more about our products and services.

About Vieworks
Since 1999, Vieworks has been a leading developer of advanced digital medical imaging processing systems, high precision optics design, and opto-mechanical designs. Their in-house R&D team designs, develops, manufactures and provides the most advanced imaging systems for industrial and medical imaging applications. Their manufacturing process is ISO 9001 certified since 2000 while the design and engineering process is ISO 13485 certified since 2003.

About Vision Systems Technology, LLC
Vision Systems Technology, LLC is a distributor of imaging products serving the industrial, scientific, government, and aerial markets. Formed by industry veterans Kris Balch, and Terry Guy, Vision Systems Technology brings more than 45 years experience selling into these markets. Their company philosophy is to understand customer requirements and apply the appropriate technology to solve the problem.

Source: Vieworks

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