Sensors Unlimited’s InGaAs SWIR cameras feature advanced dynamic range enhancements

Sensors Unlimited - Goodrich ISR Systems introduces two cameras with advanced imaging enhancements that expand the dynamic range of SWIR imagery.

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Image enhancement algorithm adjusts data for the best display to maximize the viewable information in high dynamic range scenarios

Sensors Unlimited - Goodrich ISR Systems (Princeton, NJ, USA) introduces two cameras with advanced imaging enhancements that expand the dynamic range of short wave infrared (SWIR) imagery. Due to several technological advances, the new indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) SWIR SU320KTX (320 x 240 pixel format with 40 micron pixel pitch) and the SU640KTSX (640 x 512 pixel format with 25 micron pixel pitch) cameras feature the unique ability to automatically compensate for variations in light levels that may differ by up to five orders of magnitude. This increase in dynamic range addresses the demand for improved imaging and surveillance in military, medical, and commercial applications.

Easy-to-integrate into mobile, handheld, or aerial surveillance systems, the SU320KTX and SU640KTSX models are compact, lightweight, and feature low power consumption. The simultaneous RS170 analog and 12-bit CameraLink(r) digital outputs provide easy plug-and-play video and high quality images for image processing or transmission. Most importantly, this SWIR technology provides a key advantage by detecting reflected light at wavelengths that the human eye cannot see, providing real-time daylight-to-low-light imaging. This makes these imagers ideal for surveillance, laser detection, emission microscopy, imaging spectroscopy, astronomy, and imaging through fog, dust and smoke. Sensors Unlimited’s new cameras provide the highest sensitivity available in the SWIR 0.9 to 1.7 micron spectrum. The optional NIR/SWIR models extend the range of operation down to 0.7 and up to 1.7 microns.

Building on the company’s solid-state, room-temperature FPA technology, the improved InGaAs-SWIR cameras employ a new on-board automatic gain control (AGC) and adjustable enhancement thresholds. The built-in non-uniformity corrections (NUCs) address the challenges of urban night imaging without blooming. With proprietary dynamic range enhancement technology and selectable contrast enhancement modes, these cameras image in extremely low-light-level conditions to direct sun illumination, making them well-suited for covert surveillance with passive 24/7 operation.

Sensors Unlimited, Inc., part of Goodrich ISR Systems, based in Princeton, NJ, has pioneered the design and production of NIR and SWIR cameras and systems utilizing advanced Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) imaging technology for industrial, commercial, military, agricultural, and scientific markets. Most recently, Sensors Unlimited’s cameras were used on NASA’s successful LCROSS mission detecting moisture on the moon. For additional information on InGaAs-based shortwave infrared imaging detectors, arrays, and systems, please visit

Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a global supplier of systems and services to aerospace, defense and homeland security markets. With one of the most strategically diversified portfolios of products in the industry, Goodrich serves a global customer base with significant worldwide manufacturing and service facilities. For more information, visit

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