Does Your Vision System Have Chain Link Integrity?

A Vision Systems Design-hosted webinar sponsored by SICK Sensor Intelligence

Originally broadcast on August 22, 2023. Now available On Demand.

Sponsor: SICK Sensor Intelligence
Duration: 1 Hour

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What is a chain link failure? How can you identify and address these issues?

Perhaps more importantly, is integrity insurance a thing? It is with SICK’s ChainWatch solution.

ChainWatch is a custom engineered system solution that continuously monitors the integrity of individual chain links in tow chain systems. The best part? It monitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with real-time results. Each side of the link is individually inspected for fractures and cracks with sub-millimeter resolution.

Join a machine vision expert to learn how:

  • Chain monitoring decreases costly downtime
  • User dashboard shows health status of chain system
  • Field analytics software stores data in central database


Ryan Morris Machine Vision Market Product Manager SICK

Ryan Morris is the Machine Vision Market Product Manager with SICK and has worked within the automation industry for the past 13 years, spending the past 7 years with SICK in various positions, but with a main focus in 2D and 3D machine vision. He has his mechanical engineering degree from Arizona State.

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