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CoaXPress-over-Fiber Advancements Deliver Extreme High-Speed Machine Vision

June 21, 2022
CoaXPress protocols can now utilize a standard Ethernet connection which improves throughput in high-speed machine vision applications.

Traditional CoaXPress (CXP) cable technology has increased the capabilities of machine vision (MV) imaging by allowing for the safe transference and processing of large amounts of image data. Advanced machine vision cameras that utilize this technology can be found in the observation of industrial applications such as production line inspection, and part identification. The incorporation of CXP technology into high-speed machine vision cameras with high resolution, fast frame rates and streaming capabilities has further advanced industrial applications with real-time analysis or long-record time observation of semiconductor inspection, 3D printing, and space shuttle launches to name a few.

CoaXPress-over-Fiber (CXPoF) technology has progressed machine vision imaging even further by integrating the key benefit of fiber optics with these camera systems. This has increased the ability to move extremely large amounts of data to backend frame grabbers where it is processed on the fly through a technique called stitching. This means that high-resolution (4K) and high-speed cameras (1000 fps), which produce extreme amounts of data, are more readily available to industrial researchers.

The CoaXPress standard has been successful due to its unique combination of high bandwidth, low latency, high stability and excellent reliability. When integrated into high-speed cameras, it improves the data transfer process, enabling users to obtain high-quality images at extremely fast frame rates. CoaXPress-over-Fiber keeps and builds on these benefits.

This whitepaper covers the advantages of CXPoF and how it is progressing industrial production and machine vision imaging.

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