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3D Machine Vision: For Faster, Easier, More Reliable Automation

June 12, 2024
It doesn't matter if you're performing a single profile measurement or scanning an entire surface in 3D. Powerful & robust 3D machine vision delivers high accuracy surface feature measurements that go beyond the capabilities of 2D vision technology.

3D machine vision solves a range of industrial automation challenges, from assembly verification and robotic guidance to quality inspection. In addition to this flexibility, 3D vision offers: 

- Unparalleled accuracy: Capture depth information for more precise automation
- Increased quality control: Detect variable defects and anomalies for higher product quality
- Enhanced productivity: Speed up production processes with fast processing
- Cost reduction: Save costs by automating complex inspections 

Learn how you can use 3D machine vision to advance your operations by downloading the guide. 

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