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True 3D Machine for Improved Accuracy and Ease of Use

June 12, 2024
Manufacturing involves 3D objects, so it’s no surprise inspection systems that generate 3D point clouds, not 2.5D height maps, provide more accurate results. When it comes to solving vision-based applications, 3D point clouds eliminate uncertainty.

Many 3D vision solutions generate 2.5D height maps rather than 3D point clouds. 2.5D height maps display height information in color, which can quickly become confusing, leading to slower operation, increased waste, or both.

Solving 3D problems with vision systems specifically designed for three-dimensional measurements is a more viable solution providing benefits such as: 

- Fewer false positives/negatives
- Ability to inspect and address a broader range of objects and shapes
- Improved efficiency
- Simplified training and faster deployment

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