We need your input: How are you deploying machine vision's hottest technologies?

Nov. 3, 2020
The Solutions in Vision 2021 survey is your opportunity to help define what drives the vision industry forward.

Vision Systems Design once again invites you to share your thoughts on the most important machine vision technologies today and the degree to which you utilize them for our Solutions in Vision 2021 report.

In late 2019, Vision Systems Design asked more than 300 machine vision professionals which cutting-edge technologies they employed most often when designing applications and solutions. Thanks to all the trend setters, thought leaders, and experienced engineers who responded to the survey, Vision Systems Design last December published the results of our survey, the Solutions in Vision 2020 report, a comprehensive look at seventeen industries and how they utilize six important technologies in our field.

Our coverage in 2020, the important stories that needed to be told and the learnings we needed to share with our community, reflects the results of that report. Open-source frameworks, libraries, and products that make deep learning accessible to everyone. How the scope of industrial imaging expands through the deployment of multispectral and hyperspectral cameras. The science of polarization and what it can do for machine vision engineers.

How the MIPI CSI-2 interface enables the development of rich embedded vision applications. Time of Flight and laser-based triangulation technologies that make high-speed 3D imaging possible. Using computational imaging to make possible imaging and analysis techniques that were previously unattainable. These are the innovations and technologies that allow the machine vision community to turn utility into ubiquity and improve industries well beyond the traditional boundaries of industrial production.

Please join your colleagues across the vision community and share with us your priorities and plans regarding cutting-edge technologies. Click below to begin your responses for the Solutions in Vision 2021 survey!


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