PolarFire FPGAs designed for low power consumption

March 30, 2020
Appropriate for AR/VR headsets, automotive Head-up Displays (HUDs), and portable ultrasound machines.

PolarFire FPGAs from Microchip are designed for imaging and video applications at mid-bandwidth rates of 4K/2K and include integrated video and image processing with support for machine learning.

With a footprint as small as 11 x 11 mm, the PolarFire FPGA series supports MIPI and HDMI among other standard industry interfaces. According to the manufacturer, the PolarFire series also provides 2x – 4x performance over other FPGAs due to 25% higher efficiency Digital Signal Processor (DSP) math blocks, and operates at 50% less power than static random-access memory (SRAM) based devices.


To Learn More:

Contact: Microchip
Headquarters: Chandler, AZ, USA
Product: PolarFire FPGAs
Key Features: Designed for mid-bandwidth rates and low power consumption, MIPI and HDMI support.

What Microchip says: View more information on PolarFire FPGAs.

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