Camera link frame grabbers support FPGA programming

Oct. 26, 2020
The Rapixo CL Pro line accommodates multiple max-bandwidth data streams.

Designed to deliver onboard imaging processing offload to FPGA devices, the Matrox Rapixo CL Pro frame grabber accommodates image capture from a single lowest data-rate Camera Link device to multiple maximum-bandwidth Camera Link cameras.

Users can interface with up to four Base or two Full/80-bit mode Camera Link cameras at up to 85 MHz on a single board. System connectivity is via integrated Power-over-Camera Link (PoCL) and extended cable length support. With a bandwidth of up to 4 GB/sec., its host interface prevents pixels from inadvertently being discarded. Onboard operations are controlled through the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X application-development software. A choice of 32-/64-bit Windows 7/10 and 64-bit Linux support is offered. 


To Learn More:

Contact: Matrox Imaging
Headquarters: Dorval, QC, Canada
Product: Rapixo CL Pro frame grabber 
Key Features: Interface with up to four Base or two Full/80-bit mode Camera Link cameras at up to 85 MHz, Power-over-Camera Link, up to 4 GB/sec bandwidth. 

What Matrox Imaging says:
View more information on the Rapixo CL Pro frame grabber.

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