Cloud-based training software facilitates neural network creation

Dec. 1, 2020
Cameras can become inference cameras with no prior knowledge of deep learning, image processing, or camera programming.

IDS NXT lighthouse version 1.1 is cloud-based software for managing and labeling image data and training an artificial neural network (ANN). The resulting ANN can be executed directly on the company’s industrial cameras with hardware acceleration. No prior knowledge of deep learning, image processing, or camera programming is needed to create, train, and execute the ANNs.

Intended as part of the AI IDS NXT ocean Design-in-Kit, this software transforms the cameras into inference cameras that can solve completely new image processing tasks using AI, which is useful in applications with highly varying objects.


To Learn More:

Contact: IDS Imaging Development Systems
Headquarters: Obersulm, Germany
Product: IDS NXT lighthouse version 1.1
Key Features: Cloud-based, transforms cameras into inference cameras

What IDS Imaging Development Systems says: View more information on IDS NXT lighthouse version 1.1.

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