HALCON machine vision software update offers new tools and improvements

Nov. 24, 2020
Version 20.11 improves 3D matching, deep learning network optimization, and adds new 2D code and optical character recognition tools.

HALCON version 20.11 adds new features and improvements, including Deep OCR, a deep learning-based approach for optical character recognition that localizes numbers and letters regardless of orientation, font, and polarity. Also new is DotCode, a 2D code type based on a matrix of dots designed for fast printing. Core shape-based matching technology was also optimized, as more parameters are now estimated automatically, improving matching rates in low contrast and high noise environments.

Edge-supported, surface-based 3D matching represents another improvement, increasing 3D matching speed for scenes with many objects and edges. Additionally, version 20.11 includes a new method for deep learning-based edge extraction is designed to require only a few training images.


To Learn More:

Contact: MVTec Software
Headquarters: Munich, Germany
Product: HALCON ver. 20.11
Key Features: New OCR and 3D matching functionality, new deep learning-based edge extraction tools.

What MCTec says:
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