Software platform designed for holistic embedded vision system design

March 29, 2021 includes camera, machine learning models and tools, and flexible embedded processor support.

The software platform designed to support holistically the development and use of vision-based machine learning systems. It includes cameras from manufacturers including Hikvision, people, vehicle, and object detection models, detection, classification, and segmentation tools, and Python/C++/Go SDKs and HTTP/REST APIs.

The platform is engineered to support edge hardware including microcontrollers and embedded processors such as the NVIDIA Jetson family and Intel Movidius Compute Stick 2, as well as RaspberryPi devices. according to the manufacturer also offers energy-efficient machine learning architectures and is appropriate for smart retail and AIoT applications. The platform is also designed with smart city, surveillance, and logistics applications in mind.


To Learn More:

Contact: Irida Labs
Headquarters: Patras, Greece
Product: software platform
Key Features: Hardware and software packages including models and tools, engineered with edge hardware in mind for embedded applications.

What Irida Labs says:
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