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April 1, 2002
According to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (www.semi.org), the LCD market is projected to grow at a 20% average annual rate, while CRTs are expected to grow only 3% on average.

According to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (www.semi.org), the LCD market is projected to grow at a 20% average annual rate, while CRTs are expected to grow only 3% on average. While flat-panel displays (FPDs) based on this technology still remain more expensive than their CRT counterparts, their resilience in harsh environments and low susceptibility to electromagnetic interference make them particularly useful in machine vision and medical-imaging applications. This month, we take a look at Web sites related to the latest developments in high-resolution displays and the methods used to drive them.

SYSTEMS DESIGNwww.zendex.com

Providing a range of products including flat-panel displays, enclosures, backplanes, and CPU boards, Zendex (Dublin, CA) also offers consulting, design, and manufacturing services. On the compationy's site there are links to technical information that describes these products and an on-line catalog-request form.

INDUSTRIAL FLAT PANELSwww.micflatpanels.com/monitors.htm

The site of Modular Industrial Computers (Chattanooga, TN) describes the company's flat-panel industrial monitors and computer systems. Available in display sizes from 15 to 18.1 in., with various NEMA ratings and configurations with touchscreens, the displays also include hazardous-area systems. In addition to downloadable data sheets, you'll find information on computers, enclosures, mounting options, and peripheral devices.

LCD AND PLASMA DISPLAYSwww.conrac.com/flatpanel.html

Conrac (Irwindale, CA) is both a manufacturer and distributor of CRT and flat-panel industrial and medical-grade display monitors for radiology, air-traffic control, scientific analysis, and image processing. On its Web site, there are descriptions of the its LCD and plasma displays, along with a range of ruggedized components and company contact information.

NEMA RATEDwww.daisydata.com/

Offering a number of flat-panel interfaces, industrial PCs, and pointing devices, Daisy Data (York Haven, PA) offers a range of equipment that meets NEMA 12, 4, and 4x standards. On this site you'll find information about the company, application articles, and data sheets, as well as links to such useful sites as the full text of more than 100,000 US Department of Defense specifications and standards.

RUGGED ENVIRONMENTSwww.dolch.com/html/home_dolch.html

Rugged industrial displays and computers with panel-mount and rack-mount options and displays of up to 18.1-in. SXGA resolution are featured on the Web site of Dolch (Fremont, CA). There are also descriptions of the company's rugged portable and laptop computers and feature articles describing the products in typical applications.

RACK MOUNTEDwww.bsicomputer.com/industrial/display/displays.htm
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Broadax Systems Inc. (City of Industry, CA) builds PC systems for portable and industrial rack-mount applications. The company provides rack-mount industrial monitors and monitor enclosures for applications where saving space or noise immunity are major considerations. On this Web site, there are descriptions of LCD flat-panel displays, rack-mount systems, single-board computers, and passive backplanes.

Other interesting machine-vision software siteswww.iicon.com/products.htmlwww.gefanuc.com/products/OI/category.asp?cat_id=35www.optrex.comwww.rdpdisplays.com/industrial_displays.htmwww.voxtechnologies.com/www.digitaltechinc.com/flat_panel_pc_s.htmlwww.stealthcomputer.com/monitors_flat.htmwww.protech1.com/ProfileOV.htmlwww.ab.com/catalogs/b113/open/6185.htmlwww.nec.co.jp/press/en/9811/1801.htmlwww.zmicro.com/products/apollo.htmwww.rdpdisplays.com/homepage.htmwww.hitachidisplays.com/index1.htmwww.neuro-logic.com/flat.htm

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