Aug. 1, 2000
Board-interface guide from Samtec, New Albany, IN; Reflectance spectroscopy accessories from Labsphere, North Sutton, NH; Corporate newsletter from Rodenstock, Rockford, IL ...

Board-interface guide

Brochure describes company's line of high-speed and high-density interfaces. Also featured are micro board-to-board and power-to-board interconnects. Samtec, New Albany, IN 47151; (812) 944-6733; Fax: (812) 948-5047; e-mail: [email protected].

Corporate newsletter

Free subscriptions are available to A Closer Look, a corporate newsletter describing advances in imaging products. Each issue is in a four-page format and features product innovations, trade-show information, and a trivia challenge. Rodenstock, Rockford, IL 61109; (800) 467-8457; Fax: (815) 874-6374; e-mail: [email protected].

Reflectance spectroscopy accessories

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Brochure describes accessories that measure diffuse reflectance, total hemispherical reflectance, color, variable incident angle transmittance, and relative specular reflectance. Devices are used in applications such as pharmaceutical analysis and interpretation of satellite spectral image data. Labsphere, North Sutton, NH 03260; (603) 927-4266; Fax: (603) 927-4694; e-mail: [email protected].

Positioning-systems catalog

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Catalog features 400 pages of product information on positioning-system and motion-control products, including air-bearing stages, linear motor stages, and interferometers. It is available on the Web: Aerotech Inc., Pittsburgh, PA 15238; (412) 963-7470; Fax: (412) 963-7459; e-mail: [email protected].

Machine-vision technical guide

Guide serves as an introductory course in the basics of machine vision as well as explaining the principles of image processing. Features of the company's ultrasmall vision system are used to illustrate how benefits over other systems can be obtained. Keyence Corp. of America, Woodcliff, NJ 07675; (888) 539-3623; Fax: (201) 930-1883.

Machine-vision reference

The second edition of Understanding and Applying Machine Vision by Nuello Zuech discusses applications of machine-vision technology in the semiconductor, electronics, automotive, wood, food, pharmaceutical, printing, and container industries. Marcel Dekker Inc., Monticello, NY 12701; (800) 228-1160; Fax: (914) 796-1772; e-mail: [email protected].

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