VisionPro Series offers expanded vision functionality in user-friendly ActiveX software environment

NOVEMBER 5--Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA;, a supplier of machine-vision systems, has expanded the functionality of its VisionPro PC-based machine-vision systems with the addition of new high-performance vision software tools. The new tools, which join a library of Cognex vision software for general-purpose inspection, measurement, identification, and guidance, include geometric measurement tools that make it easier for users to gauge parts, including measuring the distance between circles, points, and lines. This specialized software can significantly reduce machine vision development time by eliminating the need to apply numerous individual edge detection tools to perform measurements.

The VisionPro data-analysis tool enables users to quickly and easily perform statistical analysis of vision tool results without having to first write a custom program. It automatically computes various statistics over time, such as the average and standard deviation of result values, which can be analyzed to better understand manufacturing process trends.

VisionPro vision systems feature Cognex's QuickStart drag-and-drop graphical interface for prototyping vision applications using ActiveX controls. Once configured, these controls are easily brought into Visual Basic, where they can be used directly in a deployable application. Customized solutions can also be developed using Visual Basic or Visual C++.

VisionPro systems offer users a choice of Cognex MVS-8100 frame grabbers, which provide high-speed, PC-based vision processing and support a wide range of analog and digital cameras. Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and NT 4.0 operating systems are supported. Vision Pro software development licenses are available upon purchase of a VisionPro starter system. The new VisionPro geometric measurement tools and data analysis tool will be available from Cognex in Q4 2002.

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