Machine-vision software interface from Lecky Integration supports all cameras

VCam, developed by Lecky Integration, is a single machine-vision interface that supports all camera styles.

VCam machine-vision software interface from Lecky Integration
VCam machine-vision software interface from Lecky Integration

VCam, developed byLecky Integration, is a single machine-vision interface that supports all camera styles. Part of the Voyant Vision Library, the free interface enables machine-vision developers to name the camera being used, call a function, and begin using the machine-vision system in less time without implementing vendor-specific library code for the camera.
Lecky Integration
Little Falls, NY, USA

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Lecky Integration’s Free Voyant Vision VCam Software Revolutionizes Machine Vision Application Development by Giving Developers a Consistent Camera Interface

Little Falls, New York: Machine vision developers can finally breathe a sigh of relief. For years, programmers have struggled when trying to write applications that can be used with a variety of different cameras. Typically, interfacing with an industrial camera may take days of development because of the need to learn and write a lot of specialized (and often vendor specific) acquisition code. In the quest for a solution that would eliminate the need to relearn and rewrite individual applications to be used on a variety of cameras, Lecky Integration’s software development team created VCam, a standard and unified interface that is learned once and used for all camera styles.

VCam is a series of libraries created using Voyant, Lecky Integration’s own unique library of machine vision software. The company’s founder, Ned Lecky, PhD, faced years of frustration when developing vision programs that worked seamlessly in a variety of environments (C, C++, Windows or Linux), and on a variety of web, GigE, USB, and IP cameras. “Every type of camera, and often every vendor, have different styles and drivers that must be mastered prior to even acquiring a single frame of imagery,” Lecky explains.

Using VCam, a developer simply has to name the camera they want to use, setup desired camera parameters, and call start. The functions used are exactly the same for an industrial camera as they are for a $10 web cam. “A lot of time in machine vision software development is spent adjusting the code for specific hardware,” says Lecky. “With VCam, we have eliminated that step completely.” When project requirements change for a developer, VCam provides a unique, effortless, and revolutionary interface for changing the hardware. Furthermore, cameras from different vendors can be easily used from within the same application to offer unparalleled customization of imaging technology.

The best part about this exciting new software? It’s completely free, and can be downloaded with the complete Voyant library at “Writing machine vision programs can be an irritating and painstaking activity because it can be so time consuming,” describes Lecky. “I know, I’ve been doing it since 1984. By creating VCam, and providing it for free, we hope to encourage machine vision developers to continue pushing the limits of our exciting and rapidly growing field.”

VCam currently supports GigE cameras from Basler, JAI, and IDS, USB cameras from IDS and IVA, and any webcam supported on Windows. Continuous addition of new cameras is planned as integrators express interest in VCam support of other hardware.

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