Latest EyeVision Image-processing software from EVT supports CoaXPress devices

May 21, 2012
EyeVision software now supports CoaXPress cameras used with Active Silicon frame for high-speed image transfer.

EyeVision software now supports CoaXPress cameras, used with Active Siliconframe grabbers (shown) for high-speed image transfer. The software supports standard interfaces such as USB, FireWire (IEEE 1394), GigE, and Camera Link. The user interface features the drag-and-drop functions in the program editor seen in previous versions of the software to simplify use for creating new inspection programs as well as simple control and monitoring or cameras already established in a system. Optical measurement inspection tasks ranging from object detection to complex measurements are enabled by the software.
EVT Eye Vision Technology
Karlsruhe, Germany

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EyeVision with CoaXPress Support

The EyeVision software by EVT now also supports CoaXPress cameras and offers the user of the well-proven image processing software a solution with more speed than was available till now. With the boards from ActiveSilicon, EyeVision now supports this high speed interface for the image transfer.

The newly revised EyeVision software allows the user to transfer his images with yet another interface. Therefore the EyeVision user has not only the standard PC interfaces such as for example USB, FireWire (IEEE1394), GigE and CameraLink at the tip of his command, but also the CoaXPress BUS. CoaXPress combines the elegant simplicity of coaxial cable with state of the art high speed serial data technology.

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SOURCE: EVT Eye Vision Technology

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