Edmund Optics showing wide range of products at Laser World of Photonics 2019

June 11, 2019

Edmund Optics will show mirrors, beam expanders, and aspheric lenses at Laser World of Photonics 2019.

Ultrafast Mirrors are available in 800 mm, 1030 nm, 2 µm, and 45° AOI models. The mirrors are designed to femtosecond laser sources, including Ti:sapphire, Yb:doped fiber, thulium (Tm), and Holmium (Ho).

Canopus Reflective Beam Expanders are HR coated for UV, Visible, and IR applications from 250 nm to 10μm, have multiple reflective magnifications from 2X to 5X, and feature monolithic design for reduced thermal effects.

Vega Broadband Beam Expanders are AR coated for broadband tunable laser sources, have fixed magnifications available from 2x to 20x, and feature adjustable divergence via rotating optical design.

λ/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses feature  1/40th wave aspheric surface tolerance (RMS), a guaranteed Strehl ratio of >0.8, and Laser Line V-Coats with <0.25% Reflection.

Edmund Optics will show in Hall B1, Booth 511.

To Learn More:

Contact: Edmund Optics
Headquarters: Barrington, NJ, USA

What Edmund Optics says: View more information on the Ultrafast Mirrors, Canopus Reflective Beam Expanders, Vega Broadband Beam Expanders, and λ/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses.

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