Customizable backlight available in multiple sizes and wavelengths

Feb. 3, 2021
Choose between blue (470 nm), green (525 nm), red (630 nm), and white light.

The 20BKN2NN0A customizable linear backlight is composed of 200 x 16 mm segments of active surface, providing homogeneous light. The backlight is made of black anodized aluminum and features a 2P aerial connector and 3 m cable length, IP40 rating, and is available in wavelengths of blue (470 nm), green (525 nm), red (630 nm) and white. It has an operating temperature of 0 – 40° C.


To Learn More:

Contact: DCM Sistemes
Headquarters: Valencia, Spain
Product: 20BKN2NN0A linear backlight
Key Features: 200 x 16 mm segments of active surface, IP40, available in blue, green, red, and white wavelengths.

What DCM Sistemes says:
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