3D snapshot sensor features 5 MPixel resolution

March 18, 2021
Other features include blue LED light projection and GigE interface

The Gocator 3520 3D smart snapshot sensor is pre-calibrated and captures 74 µ XY resolution data in a single shot, using blue LED (465 nm) light projection. It features GigE interface, 203 mm clearance distance, 150 mm measurement distance, and between 179 x 115 mm and 282 x 175 mm FOV.

The sensor has a 55 x 167 x 260 mm footprint, weighs 2.6 kg, and has an operating temperature of 0 to 40° C. It features differential encoder and trigger inputs, and 1 analog, 2x digital, RS485 serial outputs. The Gocator 3520 also includes 3D feature and volumetric tools and browser-based GUI software with open source SDK.


To Learn More:

Contact: LMI Technologies
Headquarters: Burnaby, BC, Canada
Product: Gocator 3520 3D smart snapshot sensor
Key Features: 5 MPixel resolution, 465 nm) light projection, GigE interface, 282 x 175 mm max FOV.

What LMI Technologies says:
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