Industrial and scientific camera features 20 MPixel back illuminated image sensors

March 30, 2021
The new Lt Series USB3 cameras are appropriate for aerial imaging and industrial inspection applications.

Designed for industrial and scientific imaging, and offered in color and monochrome versions, the 20 MPixel Lt Series USB3 cameras feature the Sony IMX182 rolling shutter back illuminated CMOS image sensor with 2.4 µm pixel size. The camera can achieve 19.6 fps image capture at full 5472 x 3648 resolution and offers selectable 8- or 12-bit pixel data.

The camera footprint is 45 x 45 x 36.1 mm, weighs 88 g, and has an operating temperature of 0 to 50° C. The USB3 interface features a side mounted lock and the camera includes C-mount and CS-mount.

According to the manufacturer, the cameras are appropriate for aerial imaging, precision agriculture, and industrial inspection applications among others.


To Learn More:

Contact: Teledyne Lumenera
Headquarters: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Product: 20 MPixel Lt Series USB3 cameras
Key Features: IMX182 20 MPixel image sensor, 19.6 fps at full 5472 x 3648, selectable 8-bit or 12-bit, C-mount and CS-mount.

What Teledyne Lumnera says:
View more information on the 20 MPixel Lt Series USB3 cameras.

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