Modular 3D compact sensor system features application-specific triangulation

June 2, 2021
The image sensor, laser, and link module system is designed for flexibility and optimal performance.

The modular 3D compact sensor (MCS) provides 200 kHz profile speed and 4096 points per profile and is based on a system of image sensor, laser, and link modules. The triangulation sensor is individually assembled for flexible scan width, measurement accuracy, measurement speed, triangulation angle, and working distance, to provide optimal performance for the required application.

End uses dictate desired height resolution, working distance, scan width, points per profile, laser wavelength, and safety class, to determine the appropriate modules. All image sensors have GigE Vision interface, 5 to 24 V digital inputs, and outputs to an RS422 encoder interface. All configurations can be implemented with dual-head sensors.


To Learn More:

Contact: AT Automation Technology
Headquarters: Bad Oldesloe, Germany
Product: Modular 3D Compact Sensors
Key Features: 200 kHz profile speed, 4096 points per profile, individually assembled triangulation sensor, GigE Vision interface

What AT Automation Technology says:
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