Light controller can control up to 16 independent lights

July 20, 2021
All connected channels are configurable with a single, master interface.

The LUCON 2 precision light controller provides current and voltage control while driving LED lighting. Lights can operate continuously or in flash mode, with short flashes of up to 5 ms with currents of up to 20 A. The light controller system operates with a modular/master slave architecture. The master unit includes a communication and a power unit. Slave units only contain a power unit.

The controller offers simple configuration via an integrated website, an Ethernet connection, and automatic error detection, and can control up to 16 independent lights. All connected channels can be configured via a single interface on the master module.


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Headquarters: Regensburg, Germany
Product: LUCON 2 precision light controller
Key Features: Master/slave modular architecture, continuous and flash modes, configuration via integrated website, Ethernet connection, controls up to 16 independent lights.

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