Intel ceasing production of the RealSense 3D camera line

Aug. 19, 2021
The decision is part of a move to focus on chip production.

Intel has announced that the company is winding down its RealSense computer vision division. Current commitments will be honored.

Intel RealSense cameras, designed largely for 3D imaging applications, include depth cameras, non-depth-based tracking cameras, and LiDAR-based cameras among others. Intel also released an open-source SDK as part of the RealSense line. The technology was embraced by the scientific community, the mobile robotics industry, for novel applications like automated concierges, and a panoply of other uses.

Intel intends to shift its computer vision talent, technology, and products to advance new projects to supports its core business and IDM 2.0 strategy regarding innovations in chip production and an increase in manufacturing capacity.        

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