ProPhotonix Launches New LED Machine Vision Light Source

Feb. 5, 2024
LED visible wavelength light source designed for quality control, inspection applications.

Prophotonix recently launched a new machine vision light, the COBRA HyperSpec Visible. The new line light focuses exclusively on the visible light band between 400 and 700 nm, with peak wavelengths running between 440 (neutral white) to 690 (red).It utilizes chip-on-board technology and is equipped with field adjustable optics.

The light has a modular design, so it is available in any length up to 6 m. It has integrated strobe and ethernet control and can be configured for strobing all strobe lines together or up to four different wavelengths in sequence, with delay and response time of less than 1μs. It features a graphical user interface that enables users to adjust and fine tune each wavelength to the needs of an individual application.

The COBRA HyperSpec Visible is designed especially for machine vision functions requiring visible light band illumination, such as manufacturing quality control and inspection applications.

To Learn More:

Contact: ProPhotonix

Headquarters: Salem, NH, USA

Product: COBRA HyperSpec Visible LED light source

Key Features: Chip-on-board, modular design, field adjustable optics 

What ProPhotonix says: View more information on COBRA HyperSpec Visible.

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