Machine vision distributor spotlight: Multipix Imaging Components

Nov. 11, 2015
In this article, Julie Busby, Technical Director at Multipix Imaging Components, discusses such topics at CMOS vs. CCD, the machine vision market, and the benefits of 3D imaging. 

To provide our readers with much information on how to obtain the right technology for their application as possible, we are profiling major machine vision and image processing distributors from across the globe.

In this article, Julie Busby, Technical Director at Multipix Imaging Components, discusses such topics at CMOS vs. CCD, the machine vision market, and the benefits of 3D imaging.

Company name: Multipix Imaging Components Ltd.
Petersfield , Hampshire, England
Year founded:
Regions served:
United Kingdom and Ireland
Products carried: Cameras, frame grabbers, software, lighting, lenses, cables, accessories
Companies carried:
Main list includes Autovimation, Basler, Computar, Datalogic, Euresys, Finger Lakes Instruments, Imperx , IO Industries, Kowa, IMAC, Midwest Optical, MVTec, Pentax, Pleora Technologies, ProPhotonix, Moritex, Qioptiq, SmartRay, and Tamron

How have market changes and customer demands changed the way that you’ve approached business?

Customers now have access to a vast amount of information primarily from the web and search engines that support it. Understanding that information and applying it to their requirements is not so straight forward and that is where the experience and knowledge at Multipix remains a defining factor. We are using the latest communication tools and techniques to ensure as much information is shared as promptly as possible – which is important in a world that demands instance access and success!

In what areas do you see the most growth?

Off-the-shelf powerful imaging processing software tools are empowering more users and encouraging more companies to explore the benefits of machine vision. This is true for PC-based products as well as smart cameras. To support this type of growth we are offering an increasing amount of product training to assist customers, who sometimes have never used vision before. From a pure camera perspective, the increasing popularity and features offered by CMOS sensor technology will fuel growth in both traditional machine vision markets as well emerging industries such as medical and retail.

What is your take on the current state of the machine vision market?

Strongest it has ever been as automation is increasing recognized world-wide as an essential element of the modern production/manufacturing process. Couple this with new sensor technology which opens the door to new areas of vision, and it is clear to see that the vision industry in general is going from strength to strength.

Is there a particular trend or product in the next few years that you see as “the next big thing?”

As the benefits of 3D imaging become more understood along with more readily available and affordable camera technology and software tools, I do expect the 3D vision market to significantly increase. Clearly there is also a massive push right now from CCD to CMOS sensors, which will continue for several years.

What camera type do you think will be most popular in two years and why?

USB 3.0 will follow the same successful path as GigE and in most likelihood exceed it in the next couple of years. The ease of interfacing and data rates that can be achieved, ideally accommodating the CMOS trend, will ensure USB3.0 is the leader in mainstream imaging.

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