Embedded Vision Alliance adds 10 new members in first half of the year

July 21, 2015
The Embedded Vision Alliance has announced that 10 companies have joined the organization during the first half of 2015, bringing membership to more than 50 and highlight the importance of computer vision. 

The Embedded Vision Alliance has announced that 10 companies have joined the organization during the first half of 2015, bringing membership to more than 50 and highlight the importance of computer vision.

"The Alliance is rapidly increasing in importance and influence as companies take advantage of its resources to connect them with designers of computer vision applications and systems," said Jeff Bier, founder of the Alliance. "The mission of the Alliance is to spur the adoption of vision technology by the product development community and to bring that community together with our Members, which are providers of technology and services for systems and applications that use computer vision."

The newly-added members of the Embedded Vision Alliance are as follows:

  • Freescale, an embedded processing solutions company that serves automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets.
  • Huawei, is a global information and communications technology solutions provider.
  • Itseez develops computer vision software products, provides services in the computer vision domain, and leads the development of the computer vision library, OpenCV.
  • LensBricks develops smart sensing technology for people and their homes, including Vidalife, a smart home camera that automatically captures the “big little moments" in a person’s life.
  • Movidius develops visual sensing technology that brings awareness and perception to cameras in connected devices. Its vision processor enables devices to capture and interpret the world around us better.
  • Stradvision is a developer of object detection and recognition technology. Its computer vision algorithm runs smoothly on IoT, wearable, and embedded devices.
  • WINDS is a joint venture consortium formed by Nissan, Sony, Exvision, and the Ishikawa-Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. Led by Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa, WINDS is commercializing innovative vision-based technologies.
  • VectorBlox designs computing solutions in FPGAs. The VectorBlox MXP Matrix Processor accelerates image, video, and vision-related processing tasks up to 10,000 times faster than traditional soft-processor solutions.
  • VeriSilicon is a Silicon Platform as a Service (SiPaaSTM) company that provides IP-centric, platform-based custom silicon solutions and end-to-end semiconductor turnkey services for a wide range of applications, including computer vision.
  • Vivante provides native OpenCL vision IP cores, including the first IP to conform with OpenVX. Vivante IP can be used to accelerate algorithms for cognition of sensor data and run advanced 3D modeling and synthetic vision in security and automotive platforms.

Alex Myakov, CEO of Itseez, commented on joining the alliance.

"Itseez is proud to join Embedded Vision Alliance. As a developer of computer vision-based products for consumer-grade 3D scanning and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and as a supporter of the de-facto standard in computer vision, OpenCV, Itseez is very keen to join forces with technology leaders to develop the computer vision ecosystem."

Davide Santo, ADAS product line manager at Freescale commented on the opportunity that joining the alliance will provide for his company, and for drivers

"As a leader in embedded processing solutions for the automotive market, Freescale is driving innovation across a wide spectrum of key technologies that rely on computer vision. Membership in the Embedded Vision Alliance will enable Freescale to engage with leaders in vision technology to develop solutions that will bring substantial benefits to drivers."

Membership to the alliance, which was formed in 2011, is open to any company that supplies hardware, software, or design services for computer vision systems and applications.

View more information on the Embedded Vision Alliance.

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