Smart cameras from Tattile now compatible with HALCON, LabVIEW imaging software

May 14, 2015
Tattile’s range of smart cameras, the S50, S100, and S200 series, are now compatible with both HALCON and LabVIEW imaging software. 

Tattile’s range of smart cameras, the S50, S100, and S200 series, are now compatible with both HALCON and LabVIEW imaging software.

HALCON Embedded from MVTec enables the use of HALCON imaging software on embedded platforms such as Tattile’s S50, S100 (pictured), and S200 smart cameras. Users of these smart cameras can now develop the software portion of a machine vision application on a standard platform and simplify the programming of an embedded system. Additionally, users can now create their own applications using HALCON and Tattile smart cameras.

Tattile also recently unveiled two modules that enable the integration of its S50, S100, and S200 smart cameras, as well as its M100 vision controller, with National Instrument’s LabVIEW platform. These modules, which are outlined below, are a combination intuitive graphic functions that enable the development of vision applications with the smart cameras and LabVIEW.

Two modules are now available to Tattile customers:

  • LowLevelProtocol_VI: This module allows an exchange of information between a LabVIEW device (e.g. a PLC National Instruments of the cRio series) and any Tattile device provided with Nautilus vision application (Tattile’s vision platform); the customer is able to manage variables, input/ output levels, programs and much more.
  • LibTatHW_VI: This module allows to interact with Vision Controller (M100) hardware directly in LabVIEW software; the customer is able to develop their vision application with LabVIEW while making use of all the hardware and FPGA potentials of the M100 series, such as automatic management of rejections, encoder, I/O, and more.

These modules provide software developers with a basic programming knowledge with LabVIEW to obtain quick results.

Learn more about Tattile smart cameras and vision controllers.

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