Q&A: The machine vision industry in 2015, and what’s next for Sony

Feb. 6, 2015
The following is a discussion with Arnaud Destruels, European Marketing Manager, Sony Europe (Imaging Sensing Solutions.)

The following is a discussion with Arnaud Destruels, European Marketing Manager, Sony Europe (Imaging Sensing Solutions.)

Name: Arnaud Destruels
Company:Sony Europe (Image Sensing Solutions)
Title: European Marketing Manager

What is your latest product and for what reason was it developed?

Sony has decided to introduce new GigE 2.0 models (from VGA to SXGA, in black and white and color models). In the Sony line-up, this category of product was requested many times by our distribution channel and we have seen that Sony should provide the best of our CCD sensors integrated in compact (cubic size) and easy to use products.

Do you think the machine vision market will grow in 2015? (Why or why not?)

Yes, in general, machine vision markets are still promising (between 5 and 10% of growth per year). Automation, robotics, and non-manufacturing (Intelligent transportation systems, logistics, medical and entertainment) markets are significantly growing. The world changes, and as a result, the vision industry grows in parallel.

Are market changes affecting your product development, and if so, how?

We are affected by market changes that demand several improvements or to follow new technical trends such as a new interface (especially in digital), new types of sensors, new shapes, new firmware, and so on. Sony keeps an eye on these new trends and when the technology is stable and really efficient, Sony is preparing adapted products.

In which areas or applications do you see the most growth?

Non-manufacturing areas are at the beginning of their history. Some applications are not yet mature, but we see that vision systems are integrated or have been integrated everywhere for many pragmatic reasons, and not only "nice to have" reasons. As an example: toys that require good eyes, not only to see, but to understand the environment.

Is there a particular trend or product now or in the next few years that you see as “the next big thing?”

Well, not easy to say but Sony has some ideas, to be confirmed in the coming months…

How will imaging systems have to change to meet emerging applications?

You know Sony 3S rule: Shape, Sensor (Sensitivity) and Simplicity. It is inside these symbols that vision systems have to progress and to be more innovative and popular (not only for early adopters).

Do you have any new exciting products or developments on the horizon?

Yes, we have, in fact a great many, but maybe it is too early to share these developments. Rest assured Sony will deliver some game changing vision technologies in 2015.

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