Early machine vision topics to look for at AUTOMATICA 2014

Jan. 9, 2014
A number of early machine vision trends and topics, including 2D vs. 3D machine vision, CMOS vs. CCD image sensor, smart cameras vs. PC-supported systems, and 3D imaging as a whole, are expected to be prominently featured at AUTOMATICA 2014.

While AUTOMATICA 2014 is still several months away, some early trends have already been identified. Specifically, a number of industrial machine vision topics are expected to be prominently featured at this year’s automation and mechatronics trade fair in Munich.

One of the key technologies and drivers in the automation industry, machine vision systems continue to grow in sales as well as applications throughout the world. In Germany, for example, a sales increase of approximately 5% is expected, according to Patrick Schwarzkopf, Head of VDMA Industrial Machine Vision, who said in a press release that growth is being driven by increasing demand from North America and Asia.

As demand grows and technologies continue to progress, machine vision technologies should once again see an increase in 2014. But before we start looking ahead and predicting 2014 numbers, let’s first take a look some of the latest trends and topics that, according to the press release, are expected to be on display and covered at AUTOMATICA 2014:

  • 2D vs. 3D machine vision
  • CMOS vs. CCD image sensors
  • Smart cameras vs. PC-supported systems
  • The benefits of smaller, more efficient cameras and components
  • The role of USB 3.0

In addition, Ira Effenberger, group leader at the Fraunhofer Institute IPA, expects 3D technologies to play a particularly prominent role at the trade fair.

"The trend here both in automated part feeding as well as in quality assurance is increasingly from process-integrated 2D solutions to 3D machine vision systems. We have developed interesting 3D solutions based on light-section sensor technology for both tasks. We are also going to present the results at AUTOMATICA."

The AUTOMATICA 2014 trade fair will take place from June 3-6 at Messe München in Munich, Germany. Keep an eye out for our official AUTOMATICA 2014 show preview this coming May.

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